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Video UTICamp 2020

Preparing for Post-Doom – Diversifying business. Leonid Glazychev and Fedor Bezrukov 12.03.2021

After discussing the doomsday scenario (previous presentation), we would like to present the positive side of things: How can both companies and individuals get prepared and march straight into the doomsday-free future. We will discuss diversification scenarios and synergies between traditional translation/localization and various neighboring areas, such as content creation, video and eLearning, game and multimedia localization, design and page-setting, and others.

Translation for Dubbing: Challenges and Unique Features. Iryna Tulovska 12.03.2021

They say the dubbing is EVIL. But for our Team it’s an inspiration journey which started in 2005. Dubbing is our mission, which contributed greatly to the “gentle” Ukrainization of our country and helped our culture to absorb the heritage of the World cinema. Translation for dubbing - is an incredible interesting separate field with its own rules, challenges and unique features.

Back to Better: Marketing Tips for the Post-COVID World. Sabina Jasinska 12.03.2021

We are all affected by COVID-19, but many small and mid-size businesses are feeling particularly vulnerable right now. Despite the challenges, 2020 has brought positive changes when it comes to online business and digital marketing activities. Watch the presentation to know how digital transformation can have a positive impact on your brand awareness and business growth.

10 Lessons For Interpreters After COVID-19 Pandemics. Andrii Biesiedin 12.03.2021

Many traditional lifestyles were shattered. Perhaps not so much for freelance translators working from home, but many interpreters were certainly caught off guard. Most of us have survived the lockdown spring, but some could adapt to the new reality quicker and less painfully - and some were hit hard. This can't remain a sad but meaningless experience, because life is not returning back to precovidian times. We don't have a choice but to draw lessons from this experience, to adapt and to use it to boost our freelance careers (not an oxymoron!) and profession in general.

Efficient Revision in MemoQ. Marek Pawelec 12.03.2021

memoQ is a versatile tool intended both for translation and review work. However, many default settings in memoQ are defined with translators, not reviewers in mind. Marek presented various scenarios for reviewing text both translated in memoQ (offline and online projects) and bilingual imports from different software (e.g. Trados Studio) and showed how to work efficiently employing various memoQ features like penalties for users/TMs/metadata, match insertion threshold or status change.

Localization Under Microscope: Manager V.S. Freelancer. Fedor Bonch-Osmolovskiy and Julia Daragan 12.03.2021

Game localization lies at the interface between IT and literary translation and it requires specific skills from both the PM and the translator. We are going to review all project stages from these two perspectives and go through the challenges game localizers meet. We hope that our presentation may help companies and freelancers decide whether game localization is really what you'd like to do and (if you are bold enough) how to minimize wheel reinventing.