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Stefan Gentz

Owner of tracom, a German consultancy with a focus on the Tech Comm and Translation industry

With deep and broad knowledge of and long-time experience with content management, authoring and translation tools, techniques and processes, Stefan helps organizations to manage their global content challenges successfully, reduce costs and become more efficient. He is also a certified Quality Management professional, ISO 9001 / EN 15038 auditor and Six Sigma Champion. Stefan is a popular speaker at conferences around the world such as the Intelligent Content Conference, tekom, tcworld, LocWorld, GALA and other Tech Comm and Translation industry events.

He is also an active social networker on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.


No Risk, No Fun? How Risk Management can help us to survive crisis situations

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you want to be successful, you need to take risks. No risk, no reward … We all know them, the quotes glorifying »taking risk«. Without the willingness to take risk, humanity would still live in caves.


But when it comes to running a business, risk needs to be managed. Risk is present in all aspects of business. It lurks around every corner inside the company: in the infrastructure, the human resources, in the projects itself. It lurks around every corner outside the company: In clients, in natural disasters, in political circumstances. It is a dangerous world and threats can sometimes appear out of a sudden.


Professional Risk Management tries to understand possible risk scenarios and threads and find solutions to prevent or prepare for them. Some risks can be prevented completely; others can be reduced to a minimum. Other extrinsic risks like natural disasters, political crisis or war cannot be prevented, but to a certain extend managed by changing the consequences.


The importance of risk management today is emphasized by the fact that there is even an ISO standard for Risk Management. In this presentation, Stefan Gentz will go through the different aspects of risk in business and how we can manage them. He will introduce you to the ISO 31000 Risk Management Framework and discuss with you our possibilities to deal with risk.

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