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Sergiy Sarzhevsky

One of the most sucessfull independent interpreters in Ukraine, the voice of English-speaking participants of the Ukrainian TV shows So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars and others.

I am a professional interpreter since 1991, when I joined this business in search of income. For some time I would combine this activity with teaching at Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University. My major subject is Ukrainian Studies. I am currently employed at Dialog-Kyiv, and take much pride in the circumstance, since Dialog was the first company in town to introduce simultaneous interpretation as a service. It is this particular type of work that I am most interested and involved in. I like to believe, that I belong to the first detachment of interpreters in Ukraine right after she regained her independence. Still I have to admit, that back then my experience was quite negligible. But my country longed for interpreters of her own, and my household cried for independent income, so I had to be adventurous. I regard this occupation as a creative one, and there I find support in Ukrainian as my first and foremost. Non-typically, I actually gained some perishable popularity with TV audiences in 2009, which I owe to STB entertainment shows.

Interpretation in Suggested Circumstances

In my presentation I propose to discuss a snapshot of oral interpretation as it developed in newly independent Ukraine. Developments presented themselves in suggested circumstances as in role-playing. Such processes in more cases than one corresponded with adventures of my professional life. My experience might well be recognized as special in such a way, that I started at the unusual end, and had to practice interpretation as an art rather than a craft. That was my inclination, and such was the inclination on the inclined plane, which served as a groove for that movement. It led from the most sophisticated activities to less complex ones, hence, in a direction next to opposite to the natural cause of events. My reference point was in command of my mother tongue and application of Ukrainian for the purposes of interpreting from and into English. Another peculiar feature of our milieu is bilingualism and incessant competition between Russian and Ukrainian for the position a core language. Thus work of interpreter reveals acute problems, important for linguistic environment and prevalence of language(s). Art of interpretation takes a new turn in creative use in films, theatre and TV.