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Konstantin Dranch

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Konstantin is a market observer for Russian-speaking translation industry. His website ranks top language service providers based on their key indicators, such as revenues, tools and professional reputation.
Since 2009 Konstantin contributes to the most prominent conferences in the CIS, including Translation Forum Russia and UTIC, and writes for and the Big Wave industry blogs.
Konstantin’s previous works include feature writing for IT companies, developing and implementing content strategy, managing and localizing multilingual websites.

Ukrainian market of translation services: numbers, events, trends

The presentation will provide an overview of Ukrainian translation and localization services market based on survey, publicly available statistics and interviews with key players.

It will include some of the following: an estimate of the market volume, growth rate, a listing of most successful companies, market segmentation by price and by demand for T&I in local industries, a map of rates and translator salaries and opinions from entrepreneurs on market challenges and trends.

The data will be valuable as a quick summary of what's hot and what's important to know for translation companies doing business or intending to do business in Ukraine. 

Prospects of development of the Ukrainian translation market