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Israel S. Shalyt

Director of INTENT Engineering Translation Company 

Director of the Moscow Engineering Translation Company, INTENT, for a period of about 20 years.

Electrotechnical engineer for production process automation.

Engineering experience: over 20 years (from an engineer to the executive manager of a design engineering bureau).

Translating work experience: over 30 years.

Author of the idea and head of project Reference Guide for Technical Translator 

Author of the Methodological Guideline for Translation into the Russian Language 

Maintains the Notes about technical translation blog

Occasionally conducts trainings in electrotechnical translation.


Quality of a translation service and quality of translation of a technical text

The report generalizes a 20-years experience of rendering the services in translation of technical documents , communicating with customers, translators and editors.

Brief and clear-cut definitions are given for the following notions:

- a translation project;

- target of a technical translation;

- adequacy of translation;

- quality of a translation service;

- quality of a translated text.

The report is illustrated with simple and easy-to-understand examples and may be interesting for all participants of the process of rendering the translation services: direct customers, managers and specialists of the translation agencies, translators and topic-related editors.

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