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Irina Alekseeva

Director of the Saint-Petersburg Higher School of Translation and Interpreting at the Herzen State Pedagogical University

 Irina Alekseeva has been working in the translation industry since 1975. Her translation fields are: law, medicine, patents, economics, literary texts (German language). In 1980 through 2008 she was employed as a lecturer on theory and practice of translation at Saint Petersburg State University. In 2008 Irina founded Saint-Petersburg Higher School of Translation, which trains translators for the UN and other international organizations. Irina published 12 books on translation. 

Training for trainers or how translation teachers should be taught

The key to success in translators’ training is steadfast implementation of the “professionals train professionals” principle. Only professional translators can efficiently teach translation. And for this they need to develop both strategic and tactical routes for teaching different audiences.

Sink or Swim... Discussing the modern state of translation training systems