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Joseph Kovalov

freelance translator, expert in marketing texts translation

In the past 12 years Joseph worked both as an in-house translator and founder and manager of his own agency, before he set up his own freelance business. He chose to specialize in marketing translations — the most creative type of translation after literary prose. Since 2008 he has been translating and transcreating copy for hotel websites and restaurants, articles on luxury goods, marketing materials for medical products. In 2013-2014 together with Katya Filatova delivered several on-line trainings.

Creative Translation: Off We Go! Practical aspects of translation for hospitality and travel industries

How often do you smile or sigh when you see absurd Russian texts in foreign hotels and restaurants? Do these spoil your impression of the hotel you are staying at? Have you tried your hand at translating such texts yourselves? If you have, you will probably agree with us in that it is always a challenge, and even the simplest things can cause you lots of trouble when you try to render that in Russian. What do your clients expect from your translation? How do we make the text attractive, and the client happy?

Come join us as we try to find answers to some of the typical questions that translators have when working with copy related to the hospitality, tourism and travel.

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