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Igor Zavadskyi

editor-in-chief at Logrus Ukraine, Ukrainian Microsoft Terminologist




Holds a PhD in Physics and Mathematics, is an associate professor at Kiev National University and the editor-in-chief at Logrus Ukraine. Held the post of the Ukrainian terminologist for Microsoft in 2006 and since 2012. He managed Windows 8 localization into Ukrainian, and participated in projects to localize Office 2007, Office 365 and other Microsoft products, as well as products of Cisco, EMC, Seagate etc. He is the author of 18 computer and IT guidebooks and manuals, more than 20 publications on IT-related topics and current secondary school curricula in computer science. He made a presentation “Creating Ukrainian IT terminology” on UTIC-2013 conference.

Logrus translation quality management framework

Some part of translation market features the strong information asymmetry, when the seller knows more about a product than the buyer, who has no instruments to assess the quality of the products objectively. In such situation the manufacturers aren’t motivated to provide the high quality, while buyers choose the strategy “get more for less”. The situation is even worse with machine translation, when some highly automated process produces some output  and it is unclear how to evaluate its quality. The popular ISO 9001:2008 standard doesn’t actually help in this situation, because it requires the workflows to be documented, but doesn’t cover what these workflows are and what is the result of their implementation. However, what is rather more important for localization industry is the production quality management framework that is used to manage the quality of product itself. It should eliminate the human factor in order to provide impartial and accurate reviews. Logrus Corporation has developed such framework, refining it sustainably and applying it day-to-day. We welcome the opportunity to share our experience, expertise and passion with you at UTIC-2014!

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