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Anu Carnegie-Brown

 Operations Manager at Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd.

With an MA in Translation Studies from the University of Helsinki, Anu Carnegie-Brown has built a career in Nordic translation companies in Finland and the UK. Since 2001, she has been involved in the development of Sandberg Translation Partners Ltd. As Operations Manager, Anu is responsible for the company’s human resources, recruitment and professional development of 80+ in-house staff, vendor management, CRM, marketing, brand building, business analysis and strategy.

 STP is a translation production company working for 300+ other LSPs in the world. STP has been working with UK and Nordic universities to bridge the gap between the academic and commercial translation worlds. In 2013, Anu organised the first credit-awarding university course on translation project management at the University of Helsinki.  At ELIA, Anu is currently coordinating an initiative called The ELIA Exchange which aims to enhance cooperation between universities and translation companies.


Sink or Swim... Discussing the modern state of translation training systems

Mind the Gap

Increasing collaboration between LSPs and academic institutions

In 2013, ELIA had an opportunity to give feedback to the EU’s European Masters in Translation project from the translation industry. ELIA reported that today’s translation graduates are not ready for the commercial world without further training. This was similar to the feedback given by 684 European translation service providers within the framework of the OPTIMALE project back in 2011.

The translation industry feels there is a gap between what we need and what the European translator training produces. Whose responsibility is it to train translators to meet the needs of the industry? What incentive is there for an LSP or a university to start investing more? Are there factors regulating the current situation that are beyond our control? If universities don’t teach such skills, where will the students go to get the training? Whichever way we answer these questions, our steps need to be planned together because our current arrangements leave the academic institutions and LSPs to train far too much in isolation.

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