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Alexander Bondarenko

co-owner and CEO of Translatel, PhD, associate professor, author of dozens of scientific articles and textbooks in contrastive studies and translation.

Alexander Bondarenko has a 15-year experience in both translation industry and also in lecturing university translation courses. Being a part of two different worlds – university, which coaches future translators and translation industry, that deals with the graduates, Alexander does not only observe the roots of methodological problems but also suggests effective solutions. Presentation of Alexander Bondarenko and Tetyana Struk at UTIC 2013 resulted in the launching of Vox Translatorum initiative. It unites the involved professionals who strive to influence the process of translators professional training in practice by establishing closer contacts between translation businesses and educational organizations, implementing practical approach, and developing specialized courses. Russian Translation Industry Professional 2013 Award Winner.

Partnership of business and academia: win-win solution

The presentation describes proposals of Vox Translatorum initiative on reshaping study programmes for university translation departments. The authors have gathered and systematized best practices from translation companies in Ukraine and Russia looking at how businesses interact with higher education institutions in order to bridge the gap between the workforce supply needs of the translation industry and the academic system’s capability to satisfy them. Statistical analysis results from three studies covering the industry main players underpin findings in this presentation. The takeaways of presentation are comprehensive solutions that can be readily used both by educational organizations and translation companies.

Sink or Swim... Discussing the modern state of translation training systems