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The Second Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference Accomplished!

InText Translation Company conducted the second Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference in the period of May 17 to 18 this year in Kyiv. 200 participants attended UTIC-2014. The conference gathered translation industry professionals from 13 countries all over the world: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Italy, Luxembourg, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Israel, and UAE. Those who could not attend UTIC-2014 in person, could enjoy the advantage of online broadcast of the entire Conference agenda, which allowed 83 more participants join the conference.

Kimmo Rossi,
Directorate General, Communication Networks, and Technologies, European Commission (Department G.3 Data Value Chain)

The UTIC 2014 conference suffered some loss of participants compared to previous year, but due to the flexible arrangements (including remote presentations and preparatory webinars), the conference gave a unique overview of the Ukrainian and Russian translator training landscape and localization market, and made interesting showcases of the achievements and best practices of innovative Ukrainian companies. Logistics worked smoothly and there were ample opportunities for exchanging views and networking.

The unofficial Conference kick-off was held on Friday, May 16, with a welcome reception organized for those participants who arrived beforehand. In the course of the event guests were presented the conference agenda and had an opportunity to chat with each other in relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The official UTIC-2014 agenda began with the Conference opening ceremony. The first welcome address was delivered by Stanislav Kalenyuk, CEO of InText Translation Company, the event's inspirator and organizer. Stanislav spoke about the Conference preparation process and the challenges that the organizers were facing in the existing political situation. He thanked the industry professionals for their support, and encouraged the colleagues in uniting further around the common goals.

The Conference opening also included welcome addresses from the Conference sponsor companies, including Ruslana Petrenko, Director of Language Solutions PRO (Ukraine), UTIC-2014 Platinum Sponsor, the representatives of Gold Sponsors, Sergey Gladkov, President of Logrus International (USA), and Fedor Bezrukov, Head of Logrus in Ukraine, Alexander Lik, Head and Owner of A-CLID (Israel). Also, the Conference opening included speeches by partners and special guests of UTIC-2014: Vadim Khazin, Representative of ATA (USA), John Terninko, Executive Director of ELIA (Italy), Demid Tishin, organizer of LocKit conference, and Nikolay Duplenskiy, Vice President of the National League of Translators (Russia).

John Terninko,
Executive Director, ELIA (Rimini, Italy)

I'm very glad that I listened to the advice of our Ukrainian members and friends and made the trip to Kyiv for UTIC. Though everyone is very conscious of the gravity of current events and the people that weren't able to make the trip as a result, the atmosphere at the conference was relaxed and positive. My hat's off to UTIC for their perseverance and to the participants that were able to make it.

At UTIC-2014 opening  a video message from Hans Fenstermacher, Executive Director of GALA (The Globalization and Localization Association), was played, where he spoke about the expectations of the present-day customers of translation services.

The organizers of TFR (Translation Forum Russia) friendly conference also presented their video message. It included their words of support and an appeal for the representatives of the industry to unite in any external circumstances.

The screen of the President Hotel's Conference Center also voiced the greetings by Renato Beninatto, CMO of Moravia, and Irina Knizhnik, translator, member of ATA (USA).

The two-day Conference program was traditionally rich in various events: it included 31 presentations from the industry experts, 4 round tables, and a contacts exchange session. Along with the main agenda, an exhibition took place in the lobby of President Hotel. Exhibiting companies presented their activities to the participants, held interesting presentations and interactive arrangements. The exhibition visitors left their business cards at the exhibitor booths. Later, these cards took part in prize drawing. In particular, the representatives of Language Solutions PRO (LSP), the Platinum Sponsor of UTIC-2014, held a job fair, where the winners received trophies.

Like last year, the Conference program comprised three parallel tracks: "The Art of Translation", "The Business of Translation", and "Localization and Translation Technologies".

The audience of "The Art of Translation" was presented the speeches on developing translator and interpreter professional skills, future of translation profession and translator training.

Irina Alekseeva,
Director of the Saint-Petersburg Higher School of Translation and Interpreting at the Herzen State Pedagogical University, Freelance Translator

The entire country should be covered with a network of translator training centers. The education does not necessarily have to be concentrated in higher schools. Various forms of education — from universities to summer schools and courses — should together form the pattern of translator training and  professional development. They may as well include legal and computer education courses. This must include an opportunity to document the training results.

A survey amongst the participants recognized the presentations by Sergiy Sarzhevsky "Interpretation in Suggested Circumstances" and by Israel S. Shalyt "Quality of a translation service and quality of translation of a technical text" as the best in this section. Audience also highly appreciated the presentation by Ekaterina Filatova and Joseph Kovalyov "Creative Translation — 2: "Off We Go! Practical aspects of translation for hospitality and travel industries", and by Oleg Rudavin "Diversification as a Way to New Income-Generating Sources".

Israel S. Shalyt,
Director of INTENT Engineering Translation Company 

Each conference has its face.UTIC-2014 was a very warm, cozy, pleasant and tasty conference (thanks to strawberry served at coffee breaks, great Georgian wine, canapés with Ukrainian salo, UTIC is winning hands down!). It was a positive, fun, smart and useful, too.

It was an excellent event, well-planned, run at ease on time and with a smile. I truly hated to leave.

 "The Business of Translation" track included speeches on the ways to develop and efficiently manage translation business, risk management, translation process management systems (TMS), and many other aspects. For the resource management technologies topic, a teleconference hookup "Kyiv — Moscow" was organized with the virtual participation of Sergey Sant (Neotech, Russia), Pavel Dunaev (Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee, Russia), Konstantin Josseliani (Janus Worldwide, Russia).

Pavel Dunaev,
Head of Translation Unit Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee

This year the UTIC Conference became the real international event.

Measured agenda and speeches by experts from different countries were complemented by the opportunities for remote access to all sessions from any point in the world.

My congratulations to the organizers, the Conference was not merely an accomplishment, it set a new high standard for industry events.

Stanislav Kalenyuk,
Director General of InText Translation Company

The leaders of translation industry will be mastering new tasks and techniques. One of them, as mentioned by Sergey Sant, CEO of Neotech, is Resource Information Management, a system that would allow to keep track and analyze translators skills and competences. The second one will mark the development of translation management system, enabling it to predict the outcome of each translation job, its profits and risks at an early stage of quotation.

In "The Business of Translation" track, the highest votes by participants and experts were given to the presentations by Konstantin Dranch "Ukrainian market of translation services: numbers, events, trends" and by Demid Tishin "A very personal case".

Konstantin Dranch,
the author of

Ukrainian internal market of translations is estimated to USD 82 million, which is very little more for such big country. The companies oriented at local customers struggle for average yearly income of USD 24 to 37 thousand per employee. The most successful Ukrainian translation companies work with foreign customers as subcontractors and outsourcers.

The "Localization and Translation Technologies" track included presentations of specialized software and localization experts. It is worth to note that it was the first time this year that the "Localization" part has been included in the track.

It was dedicated to discussions on the present and the past of machine translation, sharing of practical experience in implementation of large projects and ideas on the localization process optimization amongst localizers.

Olexander Pysaryuk,
Localization Manager, Achievers

The quality of localization expressly depends on the quality of communications with a translator.

Anton Voronov, Innovations Director, ABBYY Language Services, announced that cloud ABBYY SmartCAT tool will be released as early as June this year, and translators will be able to use it for free.

Sergey Dmytryshin, IT Director, Crowdin R&D company, made a sugestion that crowdsourcing could be the new milestone in the translation industry. In his opinion, today's crowdwourcing goal is less just saving the funds than the velocity and work with the audience. Therefore, translation companies should master crowdsourcing projects so as to offer them as an additional solution to their customers.

Konstantin Lakshin,
Independent Translator, Owner of Russian Link, LLC (USA)

Speaking of technologies for processing natural language, the functionality core of most translation technology market leading programs has stopped at the technology level of the mid-nineties, while some of not too popular tools have shown flexibility and high innovations.

The "Localization and Translation Technologies" section's best scores were given to the presentations by Olexander Pysaryuk "Challenges of building localization from the ground up for a cloud-based software product: through the eyes of a customer and localization service providers", Kimmo Rossi "Translation automation in EU technology projects" and Konstantin Lakshin "Cats: all meow and no mice?".

Several trainings were held within the Conference. Oleg Rudavin, a well-known freelancer and writer, conducted the "Freelance Practicum" training session, where he shared the secrets of professional success and fulfillment with the participants, spoke about the ways to search for clients, opportunities to increase and diversify the sources of income, and more.

Irina Alekseeva, Director of the Saint-Petersburg Higher School of Translation and Interpreting, conducted a training for translation trainers "Turnkey Translator: How It's Done?". Irina told the training participants about main practices and methodologies of training verbal and written translation, about the experience of the world's translation schools, about the today's requirements to translation quality in the world, and more.

After the first very heavily-charged Conference day the participants visited the Mlyn restaurant located in a scenic place in Kyiv, at the bank of Dnipro. This event included the award of winners of the "Professionals of the Year 2013 in Russian-Language Translation Industry" contest, held on Konstantin Dranch, the author of the site and the rating, presented the awards to Israel S. Shalyt, Director ofINTENT Engineering Translation Company, and Tetyana Struk and Alexander Bondarenko, the founders of Vox Translatorum community.

Also, a ticket to the next "Translators Friday" was drawn at the gala evening. It was awarded to Natalia Jentsch (Germany). Amongst the prizes drawn there were two certificates for free diving with a diving instructor in Eilat, Israel from Josef Kovalev. These were won by Arina Lepetyukh, Freelance Translator (Ukraine), and Fedir Fesai, Director of Yus Augmentive (Ukraine).

UTIC-2014 involved other drawings, too. Logrus, the Conference Gold Sponsor, held a drawing of unique prizes at the Conference closing — four tickets to the next UTIC. The winners were Yuriy Voloshchuk, Translator/Interpreter, Clifford Chance LLC (Ukraine), Yaroslav Melnychuk, Senior Project Manager, АІМ RUNA (Ukraine), Maryna Porplenko, Freelance Translator (Ukraine), Anastasia Guseva, Student, Donetsk National University (Ukraine).

After the Conference closing event, Т-Service company held a drawing for a six-hour individual online course of training on SDL Trados Studio 2014 amongst the online attendees. It was won by Lesya Kostenyuk, Freelance Translator (Ukraine).

authorized reseller of SDL in Russia and CIS, Technology Sponsor of UTIC-2014

We would like to express our great appreciation to all of you for your invitation and the opportunity to take part in the Conference, which made a very strong impression on us in all aspects of its organization.

Professionalism of the employees who we had the pleasure to communicate with deserves the highest marks.

We hope that next year we will be able to enjoy all the benefits of personal participation in the Conference in full, and wish the Conference every success.

During the Conference, its participants were surveyed on their satisfaction with the organization. The survey shows that 12.94% of participants have evaluated the Conference organization as "good", and 87.06% as "exellent". 58% of respondents confirmed their decision to participate in the next conference, 42% haven't made the decision yet, and none responded negatively.

Alexander Lik,
Lead Auditor EN 15038, Head and Owner of A-CLID (Hertzliya, Israel)

UTIC-2014 was a success. Even without considering the situation. The content was worth it, people were sincerely interested, discussions were fruitful, ladies were gorgeous, and “The Mill” was fun.

We didn't gather there to watch the history happen or be part of it, we came to a professional event, which it was, hands down.

The admin mechanism worked as if it was Swiss made, yet we know, it was genuinely local. The keyword, again, is "professional".

You did it. Again.

On behalf of A-CLID and LICS®, I thank you and, considering the situation, I tip my hat.

The Conference was suported by many representatives of the international translation community. We would like to thank Anu Carnegie-Brown, Hans Fenstermacher, Jaap van der Meer, Kimmo Rossi, Kirti Vashee, Olexander Pysaryuk, Rebecca Petras, Renato Beninatto, Sergey Gladkov, Stefan Gentz, and Uwe Muegge for their support, tweets and publications, for their time and efforts.

We express our gratitude to Elena Chudnovskaya, Freelance Translator, who managed the organization of simultaneous translation at UTIC, and the entire simultaneous translators team: Maxim Kozub, Ekaterina Bozhko, Anna Ivanchenko, Alina Belushenko, Ekaterina Razgonova, Arina Lepetyukh, and Irina Skopina. Our special thanks are addressed to Dmitry Khryzhanovsky, Head of Synchroservice company, which has been providing technical support to simultaneous translation of UTIC events for two years in a row now.

Reviews of UTIC-2014 were published by: Ekaterina Filatova, Elena Chudnovskaya, Elena Rudeshko, Oleg Rudavin, Olesya Zaytseva, Anna Ivanchenko, Josef Kovalev, and National League of Translators.

The Conference's official photo report can be viewed here.

During the entire season, the UTIC team organized webinars with UTIC-2013 and UTIC-2014 speakers. The series of webinars on this year’s conference materials starts in September! Records of UTIC-2014 presentations will gradually appear on the conference website

On July 1, we start publishing recorded conference sessions biweekly. You can find them on our website. The entire program will be publicly available by April 21. 
If you would like to get full early access to all of the video materials (35 presentations, more than 20 hours of distilled industry knowledge, best practices and thoughts of inspiration), they are available on demand. To order early access to the records of the UTIC-2014 presentations and workshops please click here

Marta Chereshnyovska,
Freelance Translator (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Thanks to the organizers for a beautiful Conference! High level of organization, regardless of any circumstances, is worth high praise. See you next year (hope for even larger number of participants and less disturbing situation in the country). Special thanks to the participants for pleasant communications, new ideas and inspiration!

Many thanks for a wonderful Conference! Thanks a lot for a great Conference!

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