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UTIC® trademark is registered

Dear friends,
We are excited to share our good news with you. More than a year ago, we submitted an application to the Ukrainian Institute of Industrial property, and today we are the proud owners of a UTIC trademark certificate.
These officially sealed pages are not just a title of protection for us. As it is gaining international recognition amazingly fast, the "birdie" is becoming much more than a simple trademark. It seems as if it is like what David Ogilvy meant by saying that a trademark has "the property that is hard to put into words. Call it a personality, character, aura, the atmosphere, the fifth dimension – whatever you like...".
Whatever you like – because hundreds of our friends would call it differently. However, they will agree that UTIC is a friendly embrace of greetings and hundreds of supportive hands. It is a "conference con anima", as it was wisely noticed by Tetyana Struk, a member of the UTIC 2014 Program Committee.