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UTIC-2013 Series webinar. Can Machine Translation Be Used with Inflexional Languages

The second UTIC-2013 Series webinar “Can Machine Translation Be Used with Inflexional Languages” was hosted on 1 August 2013.

Fedir Fesai, CEO of Yus Augmentive localization company, and Julia Epifantseva, development director at ProMT, presented diametrically opposed opinions on machine translation for Russian, Ukrainian and other Slavic languages.

Fedir told the audience that they often receive requests for post-editing of MT texts. When it comes to inflexional languages, this process is much more labor-consuming than that for analytical languages, for example, English; and for the most part post-editing is as expensive as translating from scratch. He encouraged the translation community to openly discuss with their clients that post-editing of inflexional language texts is not a viable concept at present level of MT development.
Julia convincingly stated that MT + post-editing helps to reduce translation time and efforts even for Russian translation projects. She shared some of the examples of how smart approach to choosing the text for MT and customizing the product for specific needs can reduce the post-editing time by almost two thirds.

Curious to know how did the discussion go? Watch the recorded webinar.

The next webinar will be hosted on 15 August 2013 by Pavel Dunaev, Head of Translation Unit Sochi 2014 Language Services Department.