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UTIC® trademark is registered

Dear friends,
We are excited to share our good news with you. More than a year ago, we submitted an application to the Ukrainian Institute of Industrial property, and today we are the proud owners of a UTIC trademark certificate.
These officially sealed pages are not just a title of protection for us. As it is gaining international recognition amazingly fast, the "birdie" is becoming much more than a simple trademark. It seems as if it is like what David Ogilvy meant by saying that a trademark has "the property that is hard to put into words. Call it a personality, character, aura, the atmosphere, the fifth dimension – whatever you like...".
Whatever you like – because hundreds of our friends would call it differently. However, they will agree that UTIC is a friendly embrace of greetings and hundreds of supportive hands. It is a "conference con anima", as it was wisely noticed by Tetyana Struk, a member of the UTIC 2014 Program Committee.

Happy International Translation Day!

Dear Colleagues!

We would like to congratulate all representatives of the translation industry, translators and interpeters, proofreaders and reviewers, representatives of language solution providers, UTIC attendees on the International Translation Day!

Wishing you success and professional growth! Keep up the good work! 

Happy Translation Day

New exciting opportunities! Prolonged discounted registration. UTIC-2014 Live video stream.

The first stage of the regular registration is prolonged until 20 April! It means that you can still save if you can register for the conference and workshops within this week. 

The conference hall of the President Hotel can accommodate up to 280 participants with maximum of comfort. So we are limiting the number of participants and will close registration when the limit is reached.

Already registered:  

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UTIC-2014 will be steaming live!

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The number of online participants is limited. Register today!

Statement on Current Events in the Capital of Ukraine

Dear Colleagues!

The Organizing Committee of UTIC-2014 is carefully watching the current situation in Kyiv.
As of today, we are not changing our plans, but if necessary, we will keep you informed. Please follow the news on our website and in the social networks.
Hoping to come back with some good news soon!

Preliminary UTIC-2014 Program


Preliminary conference program is ready!

Detailed information about speakers will be added shortly.

You will also have a possibility to get to know our speaker from the UTIC-2014 Webinar Series and social network posts.

In the meantime, we are getting ready to launch the conference registration online, so stay tuned.

More about participation in UTIC-2014

Kyiv Translation Friday - Summing Up

The winter event “Kyiv Translation Friday” is history now. And we are ready to share the results of the anticipated meeting with you.

Presentations - Kyiv Translation Friday - UTIC

Winter Kyiv was friendly to all who decided to join us and made their way here from throughout Ukraine and Russia. Translation educators and representatives of translation businesses were equally interested in the event due to its well-balanced program.


Constantin Shevchenko, Head of the UTIC Organizing Committee, opened the meeting with a presentation about UTIC, it’s beginning, present, and plans for the future. Participants of the Kyiv Translation Friday were the first to know the names of the UTIC-2014 key speakers. Next year, UTIC attendees will have a great opportunity to hear presentations by the members of the Program Committee and other esteemed translation industry experts: Vadim Sdobnikov, experienced educator and author of multiple research papers, textbooks, and guidelines and representative of the Linguistics University of Nizhniy Novgorod; Irina Alekseeva, director of the Saint-Petersburg Higher School of Translation at the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia and author of dozens of books on translation; Oleg Rudavin, independent translator with over 20 years of experience and organizer of the conferences in Ukraine; Jaap van der Meer, a founder of TAUS and a language industry pioneer; Olexandr Pysaryuk, localization manager at Achievers and specialist with 12 years of experience in translation management and software localization, both in the language services industry and on the client side; Kimmo Rossi, currently a leader of the Research & Innovation sector of the Data Value Chain Unit of the European Commission, managing science, technology, and innovation programs in the fields of statistics, data & content management and language technologies; Rebecca Petras, experienced PR and Marketing specialist and developer of PR Strategies for GALA and Translators Without Borders; Konstantin Josseliani, founder of Janus Worldwide and one of the leading providers of translation and localization solutions; Serge Gladkoff, president of Logrus, board member of GALA, and acknowledged expert in localization and translation standards.

Kyiv Translation Friday continued with a presentation by Tetyana Struk and Olexander Bondarenko, founders of Vox Tranlslatorum and general partners of the event. Their presentation focused on the importance of establishing collaboration between education and translator training institutions and the translation industry. The session was followed by a lively round table discussion, which allowed the audience to ask questions and share their experience and views with the experts.

Ticket drawing - Kyiv Translation Friday - UTICThe program of the event also included a number of interesting presentations covering various  translation aspects. The participants of the Kyiv Translation Friday gave an average rating of 4.55 out of 5 for each session. 

One of the highlights of the event was the UTIC-2014 conference ticket drawing. Congratulations to Anna Barat, a student of the Kyiv National Linguistic University, who won the ticket!

We would like to thank all the attendees of the event who participated in our survey. It showed us that the translation community has a high interest in the development of the translation industry and is willing to put significant efforts into making tangible progress. 80% of the participants confirmed their plans to come back to the UTIC-2014 in spring to continue the discussions and share the results.

Some of the pictures that we took during the event are available here. Recorded sessions in good quality will be published on our YouTube channel soon.

Stay tuned, there’s more to follow!

Invitation to Contribute to SlavFile

Members of the Slavic Languages Division of the American Translators Association (SLD/ATA) were pleased to hear about cooperation with UTIC.

UTIC members are invited to read the quarterly publication SlavFile and to contribute articles to it. Slavic Division of the ATA publishes articles on all aspects of translation and the professional experiences of Slavic language translators and interpreters. The editorial board are particularly anxious to have more articles dealing with Ukrainian, but invite contributions pertaining to any Slavic languages. Please see the pages of latest issues of SlavFile for a concrete idea of the sort of things in focus. The length of an article is expected to be between 500 and 2500 words. Longer articles of special interest may be spread over a number of issues. Short announcements relevant to the readers or letters commenting on a previously published article are always welcome. Native level English is not required, the material will be edited and authors asked to approve or veto changes. Contributions may be sent at any time and will be considered for the next available issue. A person willing to undertake to provide 2-4 contributions annually dealing with Ukrainian translation would be listed as a member of our editorial board as editor for Ukrainian. Please contact Lydia Stone, Editor SlavFile, in case of questions and to submit an article. 

Kyiv Translation Friday: winter city, spring atmosphere!

Winter get-togethers are becoming traditional. Last year UTIC held an organizational meeting in Kyiv to provide the translation community with more information about the conference goals and meet new friends and supporters of the conference!

This year on 13 December, we're bringing a new format; our UTIC winter meeting will be not only informal and interactive, but also practically valuable, with experts of the industry sharing hands on experience and best practices on relevant topics.

Kyiv Translation Friday is an event where you can easily combine intense learning sessions, in-depths discussions of translation industry trends and great networking with reasonable time investment. We invite educators, students, independent translators and company managers to participate. Prepare to learn more about education and professional growth for translators, translation company and translation process management, optimization of translator's work etc.

The conference registration has started on 13 November, 2013. Please send us your registration requests at More details of the conference and participation cost can be viewed here (PDF in Russian).

Cooperation between UTIC and ATA

We are pleased to announce that ATA (American Translators Association) became our media partner to actively support the UTIC through Slavic Languages Division now including nearly 1,100 translators.

We thank Boris Silverstein who helped to establish communication with our colleagues from ATA.

The partnership will be carried out primarily through the exchange of information and news about events in the translation community.

 ATA was founded in 1959 and is today the largest professional association of translators with 11,000 members representing 90 countries). ATA's primary goals include fostering and supporting the professional development of translators and interpreters and promoting the translation and interpreting professions.

You can read about the numerous events held by ATA and its division on the website of the association. Thus, the 54th annual conference is to take place on 6—9 November 2013 in the city of San Antonio.

To know more about Slavic language Division take a look at SlavFile news bulletin.

Lucy Gunderson, administrator of Slavic Language Division, will be glad to answer all your questions about ATA activities at

ATA representatives will visit UTIC- 2014 and provide information support to the conference and related events.

We hope to welcome at the UTIC-2014 more translators of the former Soviet Union who now live and work in America and cordially thank ATA for the support. 

UTIC at ELIA's Networking Days Malta

Earlier in October UTIC exhibited at ELIA's Networking Days Malta, which was a unique opportunity to share the latest news about the next Ukrainian conference.

Traditionally Networking Days gathered representatives of European translation community with bountiful opportunities to connect and share industry news.

The conference welcomed around 100 participants; a lot of them represented members of ELIA. 

Warm friendly atmosphere heated by the Maltese sun bolstered the networking. It was a very productive trip for us with a lot of new friends, interested discussions and accepted invitations. 

So next year we expect more international guests coming to UTIC. 

At the end of the conference UTIC held a raffle offering a free exhibit package. We’re happy to announce that our winner is Gustavo Lucardi from Trusted Translations (Argentina). 

ELIA (European Language Industry Conference) is a non-profit organization that was founded by translation companies and today includes around 160 members. The objectives of the association are to forge relationships with companies involved in translation, interpretation and localization across Europe, develop relationships with colleagues and related bodies from other parts of the world, and advocate the interests of its members in the international market. ELIA’s Networking Days conferences are held twice per year. The next conference will be organized in Riga in spring 2014. 


UTIC-2013 Webinar Series. Freelancing – a Business Model or Philosophy.

The webinar was hosted on 26 September, 2013 by Oleg Rudavin, renowned freelancer, partner in Ukraine. The focus of the webinar was on Freelancing, its development within the translation industry, its perspectives, financial development strategy for freelancers, tactical hacks, recommended practices, and philosophic deductions, flavored with examples from Oleg’s experience.

You can watch the recorded webinar and download presentation slides. All materials are available in Russian.

Add UTIC: Important Dates to your calendar to know about what's coming up and easily plan visiting future webinars.

More information about our UTIC Webinars can be found here.

How to become a UTIC-2014 Speaker: Webinar Summary

The webinar was held on 12 September 2013 and dedicated to the first big date of the UTIC-2014 countdown. The call for papers is now open!

The deadline for proposals is 15 December 2013.

Members of the UTIC Organizing and Program Committees told participants about the new structure of the conference program and preferred topics for UTIC-2014.

The program is divided into 3 tracks: the Art of Translation, the Business of Translation and Translation Technologies. In turn, each track had been further subdivided into sections.

Sections within the Art of Translation track include: Written Translation, Interpreting, and a new section about Translation Training.

Experts of the section:

            •          Pavel Dunaev, the Head of Translation Unit Sochi 2014 Language Services Department (Written Translation Section). Pavel will also moderate all sessions of the track.

            •          Maksym Kozub, an experienced simultaneous interpreter, connoisseur of the industry, member of ATA (Interpreting Section).

            •          Tetyana Struk, Owner of the Linguistic Centre® agency, Senior Lecturer at Ostroh Academy National University; Aleksander Bondarenko, co-owner and CEO of Translatel (Translation Training).

Tetyana and Alexander had already hosted our very first webinar of the UTIC-2013 Webinar Series, where they encouraged the translation community to consider the industry needs, implement new ideas, learn from western colleagues and build on their experience. We anticipate that a richer dialogue on education and translation training will take place in this particular section next year.

Among confirmed speakers for UTIC-2014 are Oleg Rudavin, freelancer, partner in Ukraine; Alexander Poddubnyy, freelance translator, consultant (editor-in-chief at Neotech for 10 years).

Sections of the Business of Translation track: Sales and Marketing, Workflow and Business Processes.

Experts of the section:

            •          Sergey Sant, CEO of Neotech (Sales and Marketing).

            •          Kirill Fedotov, COO of InText Translation Company (Workflow and Business Processes). Kirill will also moderate all sessions of the track.


The sessions of the track will cover a variety of questions from internal operation of a translation company, production workflow, quality control and vendor management to effective models of cooperation with other market participants. From past experience, we anticipate a high demand for presentations on quality control systems and automation of workflow and IT infrastructure.

Additionally, the program track will include discussions on “client-translation company-translator” relationship, entering international markets, work environment, the possible future development of the translation market in Ukraine.

The Business of Translation track is oriented primarily towards representatives of translation companies and translation departments of larger companies, as well as those who plan to set up a translation company.

Sections of the Translation Technologies track: Translation Tools, Localization.

Experts of the section:

            •          Konstantin Dranch, Russian translation industry observer, author of (Translation Tools). Konstantin will also moderate all sessions of the track.

            •          Elena Rudeshko, strategic Account Manager at ELEKS (Localization).


The Translation Tools section will be compiled to highlight the latest technologies, comparative analysis of popular software and include lucid CAT tools training sessions. 

The localization section calls for speakers to showcase large-scale projects and talk about complex localization solutions. The latest localization trends, the most effective localization business models and workflows will be the focus of the track.

Confirmed speakers: Serge Gladkoff, president of Logrus International

Please submit your proposals using UTIC-2014: Presentation Submission Form. For more information please contact us at

UTIC-2013 Webinar Series. Translation of marketing texts

29 August 2013, UTIC-2013 Webinar Series continued with “Translation Of Marketing Texts” hosted by Katya Filatova and Joseph Kovalev, successful and talented freelance translators. Their corresponding presentation was a real hit among the UTIC-2013 participants.

Katya and Joseph presented their list of challenges of translation of marketing texts and gave practical advice on how to handle slogan translation and transcreation projects successfully. The webinar was based on specific case studies and actual examples.

You can watch the recorded webinar and download presentation slides. All materials are available in Russian.


UTIC-2013 Webinar Series. Practical Translation or General Approach to Real Work

The next of UTIC-2013 Webinar Series entitled “Practical Translation or General Approach to Real Work” took place on 15 August 2013. It was hosted by Pavel Dunaev, Head of Translation Unit Sochi 2014 Language Services Department.

The presentation highlighted important skills that each translator should possess at each stage of the work cycle from getting clients to getting paid. Pavel also talked about typical communication mistakes to be avoided when working on a project and gave his recommendations on choosing and mastering CAT tools and gaining competition advantages.

You can watch the recorded webinar and download presentation slides. All materials are available in Russian.


UTIC-2013 Series webinar. Can Machine Translation Be Used with Inflexional Languages

The second UTIC-2013 Series webinar “Can Machine Translation Be Used with Inflexional Languages” was hosted on 1 August 2013.

Fedir Fesai, CEO of Yus Augmentive localization company, and Julia Epifantseva, development director at ProMT, presented diametrically opposed opinions on machine translation for Russian, Ukrainian and other Slavic languages.

Fedir told the audience that they often receive requests for post-editing of MT texts. When it comes to inflexional languages, this process is much more labor-consuming than that for analytical languages, for example, English; and for the most part post-editing is as expensive as translating from scratch. He encouraged the translation community to openly discuss with their clients that post-editing of inflexional language texts is not a viable concept at present level of MT development.
Julia convincingly stated that MT + post-editing helps to reduce translation time and efforts even for Russian translation projects. She shared some of the examples of how smart approach to choosing the text for MT and customizing the product for specific needs can reduce the post-editing time by almost two thirds.

Curious to know how did the discussion go? Watch the recorded webinar.

The next webinar will be hosted on 15 August 2013 by Pavel Dunaev, Head of Translation Unit Sochi 2014 Language Services Department.