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We invite you to watch full video records from Uticamp-2021!


Dear UTICamp-2021 participants and speakers!

Thank you all for taking part on-site and online, speaking, networking, and making the long-awaited UTICamp-2021 happen all together! The conference is over but the memories are still fresh in our hearts and minds. Great news – you can now support your memories with the conference videos, which are all available in the playlists sorted by tracks on our Youtube channel.  

List and a short description of the playlists:
• In the Art of Translation track we discussed the following topics: how to aim higher professionally, how mentoring can help those starting a career in translation, how to go social to grow your reach and create an effective LinkedIn strategy to get clients, MT in transcreation and many other interesting topics available here;

• The Business and Technologies track featured such topics as dealing with changes, looking beyond the localization sandbox, leveraging a crisis to drive operational change, why everyone should have their own failure resume, and why “being nice” can be an extremely effective business strategy, how we can make the localization industry more sustainable, etc. Want to learn more – follow the link;

• In the Art of Audiovisual translation track we talked about streaming platforms, future trends in AVT, media accessibility, and research in this area and not only. Follow the link and find more useful topics;

• The Art of Localization track was a real blast with lots of practical topics like board game translation, professional and fan-made video game localization, character gender in video games, app localization, and more exciting topics available here;

• The Art of Interpreting track contained such exciting topics as diversification for linguists, advice from a former experienced UN interpreter, the importance of AIIC for Ukrainian interpreters, interpreting for clinical trials, sign language interpreting in the 21st century, and many other ones. Interested? Find out more here.

We invite you to watch the videos, enjoy, get lots of useful content, and stay with us!